Helping your charity

How we help

Organisations of all sizes in the voluntary sector and in education have a huge amount to offer businesses. Many people talk about these opportunities but not everyone actually embraces the true need for long-lasting partnerships, collaborations and consortiums.

Collaborent works with charities that need direct help, as well as with the infrastructure bodies that support them. Having operated in the commercial and voluntary sectors, we recognise the differences between them. We can bridge that gap and bring people and organisations together.

Here are some of the ways we can help your charity or voluntary group:

  • Working with you to evolve, develop and differentiate the services you offer, often with the aim of generating more income for you
  • Working out what you have to offer to a business, who to approach and how to develop a corporate partnership strategy
  • Identifying creative ways for you to work with businesses, in a way that fits with their strategy and objectives, and yours
  • Helping to draw up and implement a strategy for corporate partnerships – so you develop a strong, long-lasting relationship with a business
  • Showing you how to network and find support in ways you haven’t imagined
  • Helping you to be selected as charity of the year by a business that’s a good fit for you.

We also work with infrastructure organisations on specific projects

Find out more

To explore how we could help you, please contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.