Helping your business

How we help

We work with businesses of all sizes, helping them make the most of their skills and resources, to fulfil their social responsibilities and to develop their organisation and people, through activities such as:

  • Community engagement and volunteering
  • Charity and community partnerships
  • Working with a charity of the year

We can also work with you to explore new ways to collaborate by:

  • Spotting the synergies you have with other organisations, and opportunities to align with communities
  • Opening up new commercial opportunities through collaboration.
  • Understanding the resources – time/money/people – you have and how to use them creatively
  • Exploring opportunities for you to work with your suppliers to increase your collective impact on the community.
  • Connecting you with local schools and colleges – working together to reduce the skills gap and supporting young people’s development so they are prepared for the workplace. 
Can your business do even better?

If you’re already involved in these activities, that’s great! But there may be ways you can be even more effective:

  • Have you considered how well your activities fit with your corporate strategy and help you achieve your objectives?
  • Are your people fully engaged?
  • Are you making the most of all your opportunities?
  • Are you measuring and evaluating your activities and reporting the impact that they’re making?

If you’d like to explore some new and different ways to develop this aspect of your business, please get in touch