Grant’s journey

Hello, I’m Grant Hayward, founder and Director of Collaborent.
I am delighted to have found my place, working and volunteering in an area I’m passionate about, to deliver value and bring significant benefits to businesses, charities, public sector bodies, education and communities.

After 30 years working in the corporate world up to board level, I changed direction to work in the voluntary sector. It was then that I began to see untapped opportunities for the business and voluntary sectors to work together. This blend of commercial and charity experience led to my passion for “business for good”.

I’m driven by two distinct needs that can combine to benefit each other: for businesses to differentiate and grow, and to address social needs. It’s about responsible business that’s doing good, creating social value and making money at the same time.

Through Collaborent, I work with people from all sectors and have developed a specialism for collaboration. I’m constantly looking for synergies, and ways for organisations and individuals to develop relationships and make the most of their resources, skills and opportunities.

Doing good is good for your business
Alongside, running Collaborent, I volunteer in a number of ways. These include helping to run ROBIN – the Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network – being an Ambassador at Monument Community Trust and sitting on the steering committee of Oxfordshire Social Entrepreneurship Partnership.

Collaborent’s clients benefit from these connections through access to my network and opportunities I can find for them, as well as my expertise and insight into the different sectors and hot topics. So I’m working for you even when I’m not working for you!

If you are interested in learning more about Grant’s career and areas of expertise, you can view his LinkedIn profile and connect with him there.