Workshops, facilitation and training

Our workshops and facilitation services are powerful ways to explore and develop ways for you to achieve your goals.

  • Facilitation: We can help you to work through different scenarios, including dealing with change and challenges. This could involve running interactive events, away days and strategic development sessions; chairing discussions;
    bringing different organisations together to form effective partnerships and collaborations; and ensuring fairness and
    mutual benefit.

We can work with all parts of the organisation, including senior managers, managers and staff.

  • GH facilitationWorkshops and focus groups: These more structured interactive sessions can help you gauge views and get inputs
    from groups of people. Examples include drawing out the knowledge, expertise and aspirations of:

    • A business that’s setting up an employee volunteering programme
    • A charity that needs to generate more income and become sustainable
    • Any organisation that needs to increase employee engagement, ownership and contribution or gain input from stakeholders.

We can write up and present back the output from workshops and facilitated sessions to feed in to your decision-making process.

  • Training: We’re qualified to deliver your pre-existing training modules to a range of audiences, including employees and volunteers, management teams and partner organisations. We can also develop training that’s tailored to your needs, using our network of associates.

To explore how we could help you, please contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.